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Do you suffer from intense lower back pain? Do you wince every time you need to sit down or stand up? Medicines and painkillers will only help to a certain extent – they numb the pain but don’t treat the actual problem. This waist support from Liveup can work wonders for spinal conditions and provide support for the spine as it heals after back surgery.

much more – it can combat back pain in an efficient manner. It is touted to be one of the best non-surgical treatments for lower back pain these days.  Place your order now!

You re guaranteed of good super quality belt with Liveup.

  • Made with a blend of polyester and rubber, the fabric is soft and gentle against the skin, while enhancing breathability, so you don’t feel the slightest bit of discomfort.
  • Wearing back braces can enhance stability when the lower back is vulnerable due to injured or weakened spinal structures. They reducing pressure on the spine by unloading some of the weight normally placed on the lower back, which in turn decreases pressure on joints, discs, and muscles.
  • If you have suffered back injuries, this waist trainer provides sufficient lumbar support as you heal, while boosting function as you perform daily tasks. It helps to restrict movements that cause pain like twisting the spine or bending forward, backward, or to the side, thereby adjusting the posture for better back health. It also ensures that further injuries don’t occur to the lower back.
  • Wearing the brace regularly limits excessive micro-movements at a particular spinal segment or vertebral fracture, so you experience relief from aches and pains that occur due to muscle tension and irritated joints or nerve roots.
  • GET YOUR SIX-PACK ABS in record time! The waist trimmer for women and men will enhance any workout by initiating maximum perspiration quicker and more efficiently. Wondering what’s so special about this waist trainer for women & men?