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The battle line is an ideal tool for strengthening the muscles of the upper body, especially hands, wrists, arms and shoulders and for toning exercises. Useful for those who practice tennis, running, martial arts, in boxing clubs, rugby, training camps and all fitness enthusiasts, who try to burn fat and increase muscle mass. A powerful tool combining velocity and resistance training to develop power, stamina, strength and endurance all in one hardcore training. Battle ropes are used for cardio workouts improving body balance and advanced muscular strength. 
Livepro battle ropes are incredibly versatile products that can be used as traditional combat ropes, as speed resistors, to move backwards, lateral movements, or rotational movements. Incorporating the resistance provided by the elastic cords you can modify the training adding traditional combat ropes and achieving muscle contraction in all three planes of motion. The rope may be rigid for the first time. The product can be softer by using a warm (previously warm water) towel for cleaning the rope. The chamber should then be air-dried. After a little workout, the rope becomes softer. The length and shape of the cage depend on the training surface. 
  • UPGRADE NYLON PROTECTIVE COVER ON WHOLE ROPE: LIVEPRO battle ropes 50ft is covered with the nylon sleeve to protect the whole exercise rope from friction and fraying. It is constructed in a way that it will not come apart. The external cover is thick, which is more durable and will last many years of usage. This cover is nondetachable.
  • QUALITY COATED HANDLES: The handles measure 1.5” in diameter and 7” in length. Excellent grips at the ends to allow for you to better grip the strength ropes during your exercise workout. Heat shrink grips for improved grip and protection for your hands; guaranteed to never come off
  • PERFECT DESIGN: Our training ropes 1.5 inch are originally designed to withstand the rigours of shipyard. We’ve simply made with best quality material available to provide the best weight to length ratio and make them virtually water, weather and shed proof. Also, The rope’s flexible design makes it easy to roll up and take almost anywhere—from home to the gym, park, or beach and back again. It can also be rolled up and stored out of the way when not in use.
  • BENEFIT & SPECIFICATION: The heavy duty battle rope offers exceptional versatility. In addition to the familiar undulation exercises, the weighted rope can also be used for pulling or climbing exercises, whether alone or as part of a team. Measure 1.5” in diameter and 50ft in length.
  • MODERN STYLE DESIGN for versatile commercial heavy use by LIVEPRO.


    • 50 Feet Length
    • 12.5kg total weight
    • 1.5 CM Grip Diameter
    • Heat Shrink Caps on the ends
    • High Tensile Strength
    • High Corrode Resist Top Protective Cover