Power Twister Core Upper Body Exerciser Liveup

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Incomparable strength and precision power twisters cannot be rushed. They must be painstakingly crafted out of high tensile strength steel. Hand-built by masters. Scrutinised by experts. And tested - relentlessly. Experience the Liveup Power Twister, conceived to the extreme and built for the toughest workouts.

Power Twisters are be extremely effective and can provide amazing results. However, all power twisters have a significant drawback with their design. All power twisters are one resistance without the ability to modify the tension. Now, after many different designs and prototypes, Core Prodigy has finally invented a solution to all of the these design flaws and launched the patented Liveup Power Twister. The Power Twister is the perfect resistance for most users and can provide a multitude of different resistances with its long patented handles. The user can modify the resistance by moving their hands in or out on the handle. The consumer response has been amazing. Finally, there’s an effective and portable device to exercise your chest, biceps, shoulders, torso and grip.

  • The Power Twister is used to exercise the arm muscle groups, chest muscles and improve wrist power.
  • The Power twister has a double reed structure which is safe and reliable.
  • Size: 65cm