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The LiveUp agility ladder is an indispensable accessory for sport, training and employment in the context of academic exercise.

The agility ladder, also known as the speed ladder, is one of the best fitness tools that can rev up your heart rate and challenge your speed, coordination, and footwork like nothing else. It helps to develop reflexes, agility, strength and coordination, utilizing skills and high performance through special routine workouts.

Typical agility ladder exercises include skipping through runs, sideways shuffles, and other movements performed up and down the ladder. These exercise help to strengthen your muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons while improving cardiovascular power, coordination and focus.

Roll Out Agility Ladder

The Roll Out Agility Ladder offers a superior tool for your ladder drills, such as crossover shuffles, high knees or forward and backword hoops.

COMES IN 8/16 STEPS adjustments

Color: black/yellow

Material: PP, polyester


Transportation Case


The product comes with a transportation case to easily store the ladder and take it anywhere with you.

Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.