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LivePRO NBR Mat should be the basic piece of equipment of all gyms. With dimensions of 185 x 80 cm and thickness 1 cm, which will be appreciated by all users regardless of the kind of sport or exercise need. This model also offers an excellent adhesion surface, suspension, extra low weight (1,15 kg) and anti-slip surface for maximum safety during exercise. This pad is made of quality material NBR (synthetic rubber), which provides a high tensile strength and high resistance to wear and permanent deformation. Because of this, you can use LivePro NBR Mat at your home, schools and even at professional gyms and sports centers.

Easy to clean and Superior wear. 

Texture surface for better grip. 

This sports mat is popular in the world of aerobics and fitness. An essential piece of equipment for people in gyms as well as for kids, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The mat is suitable for any exercises which are performed on the floor.
Size: 185x80x1cm
  • It serves as protection and cushion of yoga and other kind of exercises often performed on the ground. 
  • The carpet will serve as your sense of space so that you can freely make all the movements necessary during each session.
  • easy and comfortable to use 
  • Enhanced grip