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Gymnastic calesthenics rings belong among suspension systems, where you work with your own weight. Workout with gymnastic rings belong among the most difficult gymnastic training, because it takes a lot of sweat to perform some of the basic poses. Who is able to workout with gymnastic rings must show a high level of strength and body balance. A strap length with sturdy quick buckle is 4,6 m. Rings LiveUp are designed to be simple to attach and easy to adjust. A surface of the rings is slightly wrinkled for your firm grip. The features make the rings ideal equipment to your home as well as outside.

Warning: Gymnastic rings are conceived for just only one adult person. Make sure you have enough space around you in order to safely perform tricks and poses. You do not want to be hitting your head on the floor! Keep away the Strength of all sharp things, open fire or heat sources. Check condition and binding of the rings before each using. Do not use the rings if strap is harmed!

These gymnastic rings are used for building muscles. - Specially designed to help and train in Pull-ups, Dips, Push-ups and many other movements. - It is Functional and uses varied movements. - Progressions are safe and can be used by Men and Women. - Builds core strength and tones the muscles of the body depending upon the exercise chosen. - Develops the aesthetically pleasing physique of a gymnast. The Box consists of: - Pair of Rings which are 28 mm thick and 24cm in Dia(outer). - Pair of Long adjustable Nylon Strap which is approx 15 ft long and 1 inch wide. - It comes with Velcro for adjusting the height and easy packing.

The adjustable Locking buckets helps to adjust the height easily. - Portable and easy to transport.

  • The package include 2 x cinghei – 2 x gymnastic rings – in high resistance nylon with quick release buckles
  • With rings exercise the muscles in the chest, shoulders, arms, abs. Perform various exercises: Push Up, Iron Cross, dip, pull-up, Swallow ecv...
  • Max Load: 250 kg
  • Material: ABS
  • Strap Length: 4 m – Ring Inner Diameter: 17 cm – Outer diameter of the ring: 23 cm