Fit Stick Pilates Alloy Bar Kit with Resistance Band Adjustable Exercise Stick Liveup

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The bar is featured by barbell, puller, rowing machine and other equipment functions, it can exercise the whole body, which is especially suitable for training hips, beautiful legs, thin arms, detachable, small size and suitable for various occasions.

  • Quality Assurance: Sturdy and durable metal tube, comfortable and soft thick foam, non-slip and sweat-absorbing foot ring, the length of the tension rope with high elasticity and strength is adjustable
  • Various Uses: Fitness bars are usually used in yoga, Pilates, stretching, fitness and other training programs. It can repair muscle damage, tighten arm, abdomen, leg and buttocks muscles, and help reduce weight and maintain shape, increase body flexibility
  • Applicable Crowd: Suitable for sedentary office workers, people who rarely exercise or go to the gym, men and women who want to shape the perfect body. Suitable for beginners as well as professional athletes and dancers
  • All-in-one Strength Weights Equipment for Body Fitness: Pilates bars can replace multiple fitness equipment functions, such as barbells, cable machines, dumbbell exercises, waist twisting machines, etc., meet all fitness needs, you can exercise at home without going out
  • Lightweight Design: The rod is made of aluminium and lighter than ordinary ones. The detachable design allows you to easily assemble or disassemble to pack them for storage. You can use this sports product at home, gym, office or outdoors

Our Liveup Pilates Exercise Fit Stick will allow you to perform all your gym workouts in the comfort of your home at any time, it is perfect for Yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises, squats exercise, low-impact toning, curls exercise, hip bridge, rowing, and other training programs. You can adjust the intensity of the resistance band easily to get the desired exercise difficulty which makes our Pilates bar kit the best choice for women & men of all fitness levels.