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  • Massage Chair Full Body: The massage roller is 95%+ similar to human massage.12 modes, 5 techniques, 32 airbag points all over the body, 3 levels of airbag pressure, compressing shoulders, arms, feet and buttocks, help relieve body pain. Far infrared heat therapy for the back is best for occasional strains and chronic painful strains.
  • The massage roller track extends from the neck to the thigh, and the massage area is extended by 50%+. Intelligently detect the shoulder position and adjust the massage position and back width, to 100% fit the body curve, ensuring massage accuracy.
  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair: 3 levels of zero-gravity inclination angles, put the body in a floating and relaxing position, enjoy the massage. When the knees are higher than the chest, it reduces the compression of the spine, reduces the pressure on the heart and improves blood circulation.
  • Foot Rollers Massage & Yoga Stretching: Full-roller kneading on the feet stimulates acupoints, and enveloping airbag pressure massage on the legs relieves soreness; The backrest of the massage chair stretches the upper body, completes the inclination, realizes yoga-style stretching, relaxes the muscles of the whole body, releases fatigue.

Massaging "hands" are programmed for moving along a path formed by our key focal pressure points in a calculated and well defined way, which by the way has nothing to learn from a true masseur. The mapping of the pressure points has been undoubtedly made thoroughly. 

  • Relax: for the evening, not too long, to wash away the day's fatigue.
  • Neck and Shoulder: comfortable and recommended to those suffering from migraine or neck pain.
  • Ache Relieve: to soften muscles, relieving pain and stiffness, inspired to the Gua Sha traditional oriental method.
  • Back and Waist: perfect for the  health of the lower limbs
  • Comfortable: thought for older people, total but sweet and delicate. 
  • 3D speakersBluetooth accessibility, complete customizability, and many other highly advanced technology complete this amazing product. So much skills and knowledge applied to comfort is an opportunity like no other to have always a professional massaging hand at our fingertips. 


1. Double putter - Thai stretch massage
2. Shortcut keys+USB charger - Easy to use
3. Heating Function 
4. Upgrade the capacitor screen - Advanced
5. Wireless charging
6, Whole body airbag massage 
7. Phone/IPAD holder
8. Tiktok control button
9. Upgrade plastic legs
10. Bluetooth function
11. Zero gravity design, free adjustment of massage angle 
12. Shoulder position detection function
13. 8 Auto mode  
14. Foot roller massage 
15. Heating massage of back calf 
16. The legs can be adjusted telescopically 
17. SL track: Manipulator can move up and down, from neck massage to leg, Kneading, flapping, knocking, shiatsu, kneading and flapping, kneading and knocking, thrust

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