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Resistance sled is a sled-like training tool that can be stacked with heavy weights (usually barbell weight plates), in order to increase physical fitness and speed during exercise, and can mobilize almost the whole body muscle groups during training, with great exertion and simple movements, making it a priority for strength training. The sled is made of durable steel tubing, with very little welded construction, very strong and durable. It can also be pushed and pulled on multiple surfaces with accessories and has a flat bottom, allowing training on a variety of surfaces.

1.High-quality steel tube

The resistance sled is made of high-quality steel pipe, made of 60×60×5mm and 50×2mm pipes, weighing 35kg, which is strong and durable. The surface blue with black plastic powder coating makes the surface smooth and more textured,corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust after high temperature baking.

2.A variety of sports

Sled is equipped with sled undershirt, climbing buckle and sled strap, allowing a quick change of direction of movement, saving time and energy, and it can also load the weight plates to do weighted resistance training, exercise the explosive power and strength of the movement.

3.Smooth base

Smooth base allows for pushing and pulling on a variety of surfaces.

4.Various scenes

This basic fitness base is perfect for body training, functional training, strength training and HIIT exercise, and is a smart investment for the gym.


Brand Livepro
Color black + blue
Material steel
Weight 35kg
Size 110x67x70-107cm