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The LIVEPRO Performance Roller is based on a hard inner roller and a softer outer roller with a unique structure, which gives a pleasant massage effect. It finds followers in every sport or rehabilitation sector, whether for therapeutic purposes or performance sports, even in the gym it is used individually. Tensions can be released, hardenings loosened and connective tissue can be treated smoothly in self-massage. The intensity can be changed simply by positioning the roll differently. The enormous stability of the inner roller allows a centre of gravity load of 250.0 kg, which allows a workout with full body weight.

This LivePro LP8230 Foam Roller is designed and created to withstand robust and extensive usage. This Foam Roller has a 'sponge like' feel to it for a firm comfortable grip.

Massage roller LivePro Performance Roller should be the basic piece of equipment of all athletes. You will use LivePro Performance Roller before the exercise to warm the muscles and after the exercise for relaxation. It is also good as a rehabilitation tool. Three-dimensional surface replicates the massage effect, which provides a faster regeneration of muscle tissues and faster blood circulation. It helps the muscles to prepare better for physical stress and faster recovery after exercise. Robust construction of LivePro Performance Roller offers the reliable and easy way to improve the flexibility of muscles. LivePro Performance Roller is 34 cm wide, the diameter is 13,5 cm, weight 720 g and it is made of a combination of EVA foam and ABS plastic.

  • High Quality EVA Foam
  • Medium density with pressure points to stimulate blood circulation
  • Extremely durable
  • Lightweight

Material: PP/EVA
» Length: 33.0 cm
» Diameter: 13.0 cm
» Weight: 700.0 g
» Colour: blue/black