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Two massage balls with different diameters. Handy tool for releasing muscle tension on different parts of the body.

If you are looking for something to relieve muscle tension and tireness of your palms or other body parts, then you have found the right one tool. Hand Grip LS3302 massage balls with soft spikes help you to relieve muscle tension in your hand, palm, shoulders, neck, etc. Use the massage ball after exercise, at home or at your office. There are lots of ways how to use the ball. Hand Grip LS3302 package includes two massage balls with different diameters. The bigger one has got the diameter of 8,5 cm, the second one 7 cm. The balls are made of PVC material, the balls are waterproof, so you can clean them under under running water. You can use it even when have a bath. Massage balls are effective, durable and long-lasting tool for your tired and painfull muscles.