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This LiveUp LS3137 weighted rope is a high quality and extremely durable rope.


Rope skipping strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves the endurance, physical condition and increases the general well-being. The plastic handles on both sides ensure comfortable handling during a longer workout. Rope skipping is very popular in boxing for warm-up or cross-fit in circuit training. The rope is extremely robust and durable to fit you high intensity jump sessions.






  • Adjustable length. 
  • Removable weights for customizable skipping sessions. 
  • Foam handles to improve the safety and for comfort. 
  • Train your cardiovascular system and burn calories
  • Strengthen your whole body, with emphasis on your leg muscles, shape body and lose weight
  • Improve the coordination of children and help the growth; development of bone

Liveup Weighted Handle Jump Rope

A jump rope which has handles with extra added weight.

Size: 275x0.5 cm

Material: PP (handles), PVC (wire)

-0.5 cm diameter PVC covered wire cable

Made to last