Weighted Workout Flex Bar Tremor Stick Total Body Exerciser 1,600mm

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Liveup Fitness Weighted Workout Bar, Total Body Exercise Bar, Arm & Shoulder Rehabilitation Equipment for Physical Therapy, Aerobics, Pilates, Resistance Workouts in Home Gym

The Liveup Fitness bar is easy to use and ideal for everyone from professional athletes to home fitness fans. Use it for sports training, fitness enhancement, and overall wellness. It is also ideal to help the body recover after sports injuries, shoulder injuries, or rotator cuff injury.

A simple design for a powerful workout

The bar produces up to 34 pounds of resistance at 270 contractions per minute. It works with a simple vibration force for both muscle strength and toning. There is no need for expensive, complex gym equipment, straps, weights or pulleys. Working only with the bar, you will soon feel the muscle burn and start enjoying your new toned, fit body. You can use the bar for many different exercises. By applying more or less force to the bar, you can adjust the level of difficulty to suit yourself.

Lightweight and portable

Don’t miss out on your exercise regime when you are away from home. The Total Workout Bar is lightweight and easy to transport. Take it along and keep your routine going anywhere, any time.

Key Features

  • Made of heavy-duty steel for toughness, durability, and stability
  • Gives a smooth and comfortable resistance based workout
  • Ideal for fitness enhancement and sports training
  • Strengthens the body, increases balance, and burns calories
  • Offers up to 34 pounds of resistance at 270 contractions per minute
  • Great for rehab exercises and shoulder injuries
  • Padded non-slip grip for added comfort
  • Lightweight and portable for travel